Behold — The Lord has done mighty things for us!


Jacob Damkani — Born near the Sea of Galilee into a religious Jewish family.

Came to faith through the witness of Jeff, a non-Jewish believer in the United States of America.

The fire was lit. Jacob was burning to proclaim the same Gospel to his Jewish kinsfolk back in Israel.

He returned and immediately started to reach out to his kinsmen; home-made tracts and fliers, a bunch at a time, were printed in his parents’ basement. He began to distribute these and share the Good News with whomever would listen.

Seventeen Messianic believers, led by Jacob, set out for the first time to proclaim the Gospel of Yeshua, as they marched at the Jerusalem Parade.

Perseverance was blessed and by the grace of God, and with the help of his friends Mary and Van, Jacob acquired the Jaffa house. Until today it remains a center and base for evangelism in Israel.

From tracts to books — Jacob’s autobiography “Why Me” came to print. To date 3.5 million copies have been distributed, and the press continues to run. With the help of the many brothers and sisters in Yeshua “Why Me?” has so far been translated into 19 languages,

Hebrew, Russian, English,
Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish.

Meanwhile many believers (predominantly Israelis) came to stay at the Jaffa house and witnessed daily with Jacob.

Then the renowned «Jew First Campaign» followed. Jacob led a group of German believers on the streets of Tel-Aviv, and forged a new path of evangelism to the Jews, provoking the Jews to jealousy with the saints from the nations.

The property on Nes Ziona 7 was purchased, where Hotel Gilgal now stands. Initially intended to house the ever-growing number of evangelists, it was upgraded to a unique boutique hotel. The wisdom of the Lord! Gilgal has been a place of witness — where believers and non-believers mingle.

Renovations began at the Jaffa house. Rooms were added. The mission grew.

We began airing television broadcasts, aiming to enlighten the believers worldwide to their crucial role of provoking the Jewish people to jealousy.

The Jewish Messianic movie in Hebrew “The Other Side of the Cross” was produced. And later, a full-length cinematic rendition of Jacob’s life story was shown on the big screens of Israel. “A New Spirit” is the first such project by Messianic believers.

Even though Jacob has not come back to full consciousness after an open-heart surgery in 2018, Elisheva, with Jacob silently encouraging, continues to host believers from the nations that are willing to share the Gospel of Yeshua in a Jewish context, to bring the Jewish Gospel back to the Jews.

The Lord has given us many more ideas to build His Kingdom in Israel that we are working and praying to bring about.

We have visions for the future that by God’s grace are still waiting to be fulfilled.

Please get in touch with us and become part of what the Lord is doing among His chosen people Israel.