Our heart’s desire is
that the nation of Israel will recognize their true Messiah, Yeshua,
and return to their God.

Romans 11:11
We want to challenge our brethren in the Church worldwide, to assume their God-ordained duty –
that of provoking the nation Israel to jealousy.

  To Evangelize
We live Matthew 28:19 as we go out to share the Gospel in the streets of Israel.
We preach, sing, dance, pass out tracts, books, literature, and use our gifts to bring glory to God as we bring the hope of salvation we have in God’s son, Yeshua, to the nation of Israel.
To Equip
It is our commission to embody 1 Corinthians 9:20. In order to “become all things to all men,” we educate and equip believers from all around the world in how to present the Gospel in its Jewish context to the Jewish people so that we can win them into the Kingdom of God.
To Disciple
Leading people to salvation is just the first step in their relationship and transformation with the Lord. We encourage to cultivate a healthy and disciplined relationship with God that will stand through the trials of this world and produce lasting abundant fruit.

We are reaching Israel with the Gospel through movies, TV, testimonies, tracts, literature.

     Proclaiming Salvation and Freedom in the One who saves.