The morning was filled with preparation for the parade. At 1 pm we set out having prayed for the right impact joining the parade at the end. Jacob Damkani donned the crown of thorns and wearing a long white robe and carrying a shofar flanked by two Centurions with standards (posters) reading in Hebrew, “ He was wounded for our transgressions” and “Bruised for our iniquities “.

Other banners read, ‘All we like sheep have gone astray, but the Lord has laid on Him the iniquities of us all,” and, “I will wipe away the sin of this land in one day.” The rest of us, an extra 12 or more were all in white robes with black blindfolds. We walked along the beach promenade receiving quite a bit of interest and came to the entrance of the fenced in area where the parade would end and party. We decided to stand at the entrance and let everyone pass by.
We had determined to stay silent no matter what. This was immediately put to the test people came up into Jacob’s face, “Who are you? What are you doing? Why are you doing this?” No answer, silence is powerful. Even when the police came, we remained silence, but then a brother, (without costume) answered a few people.
The police were amazing, truly keeping the law, they protected us. As the crowd grew bigger, we made way by moving back and the police even made a barrier which protected us. Many people manifested, shouting ever louder and cruder things. At one point one of us put a bloodied cloak in front of Jacob, (at last the blood,) then later Jacob was emboldened to put it on himself.
The atmosphere changed. Chants of ‘Shame! Shame! Shame! We stayed silent.
I prayed while wave upon wave of young people flowed across my view. Like sheep without a shepherd, streaming through the gate. O Lord God of Heaven and earth open their eyes that they can see, speak to their hearts! Look at them! These are our children O Israel, glorying in their shame, not able to blush, loving what is evil. God have mercy convict, let the fear of God enter. They poured through the gates.
Praise the Lord for putting us there at the Gate; what wisdom. If we had have been in their parade, we would not have lasted. Standing at the gate, they had to look at us to pass into the gated area. Inside there was someone representing the devil and witches dancing lewdly on the stage. Caged in with the devil, exalting the grossest evil. Oh let there be many whose eyes are opened, who shiver and tremble as they see where their lives are going. Make it real to them, let the imagery and word that confronted them at the gate never leave them. At four o clock the crowd began to thin. Jacob blew the shofar piecing the heavens, we turned and went.