I’m 20 years old and before starting Bible college I wanted to go to Israel to Trumpet of Salvation. When I first noticed that the times of big evangelism groups were over, I was a little disappointed, but I still felt I should come. I decided to come to the Jaffa House for a whole month without knowing anybody there and without having a clue what I would be doing there. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to serve God and evangelize. I thought if God is my employer and I’m the employee He will provide a job for me. Nobody hires a person if he doesn’t have a task for the person.
When I arrived at the Jaffa House in the middle of the night, I was so exhausted after almost getting lost in Istanbul and several other problems, but really thankful that God has brought me here safely.
And then a chain of blessings started. I immediately fell in love with the Jaffa House and the people coming and going, also with Elisheva’s food. I met lots of nice people that taught me how to talk to Jewish people about the Messiah and who took me to the streets to evangelize. We had conversations with a great variety of people, and we gave away many books.
During these times I learned a lot about the culture, the people and contemporary Israel. I also won a bunch of new friends from all over the globe. I have invitations to the Netherlands, Kyoto Japan, Los Angeles, Switzerland, Botswana…
One other team member took me to an organization in Tel Aviv that cares for prostitutes and women from the streets addicted to drugs. It’s a beautiful place where women help other women, they treat them with love by giving them food, clean clothes, showers, doing their hair and nails, safe beds and a peaceful atmosphere, I enjoyed helping.
I also enjoyed the congregation that Elisheva and Jacob are going to (Grace and Truth in Gedera). It’s a very welcoming, multicultural fellowship and the sermon is translated into English, Russian and sign language. Especially the Shabbat dinner there was very nice.
After church service we often went to the farm and had guests for lunch. Who hasn’t been there on the farm, has to go visit. It’s the most beautiful place in Israel and I hope and pray that some day there will be the Tabernacle where Jewish people can hear the symbolic meaning of all the items in a Messianic way, just like Jacob and Elisheva were always dreaming. God will provide a person that can organize this huge project.
One of the biggest gifts God gave me during my Jaffa House time was Elisheva’s Ukulele. I really wanted to pack my own, but I figured it wouldn’t fit into my suitcase. And without even being asked God made sure I had one and could go to the beach and play worship songs there and in the Jaffa House.